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Combat Kempo:

A True, Mixed Martial Art

By definition Kempo is the generic Okinawan/Japanese word for Chinese Martial Arts, or a blend of Chinese & Japanese Arts (often called Kempo-Jutsu) ... although it is often confused with Kenpo Karate because of the similar spelling. They are not the same, however, and the translation of the names are not even close.

Have you ever been to a martial art club which offers multiple programs (basic karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, tournament class, spinning a staff, self defense, etc.), each with a different cost and start-up fee, often on different days?

When Professor Nelson unified and documented this system in the 1990's, he combined all of his training (see Instructors in the menu) into one program - Kizoku-Ryu Kempo-Jutsu ... or easier said, Combat Kempo.

To get an idea, imagine the fight scenes in the "Jason Bourne" movies, the knife/escrima techniques Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Toro use in their film, "Hunted" mixed with the 1972 Classic, "Billy Jack" (featuring Hapkido Grand Master, Han Bong-Soo) combined with the Light Sabre & Staff moves seen in the "Star Wars" movies(which come from kendo & bo-jutsu).

Our Combat Kempo Program includes everything in one class, in one system, at one time, for one affordable price.

From Joint Manipulation …

… to Stick and Staff Fighting …

… actually Sparring with weapons ...

… learning to Defend against weapons (including knives, ball bats, guns, and more) …

… to learning Chinese Kick-Boxing including 9 Animals: Eagle, Phoenix, Dragon, Praying Mantis, Snake, Leopard, Tiger, Simian (apes and monkeys), and White Crane ...

… the Fundamentals of Grappling …

… as well as training in Mental Discipline.

Getting to Black Belt

We have charts for rank progression well displayed where anyone can see.

At the Green Belt Level in our Combat Kempo Program your skills will include:

• Nearly 150 General Techniques & variations
• Defense Solutions against 36 specific street assaults
• Full Contact (Tuo-Te) Fighting
• Sparring in a minimum of 9 Weapon Styles
• 3 Combat Staff Forms
• 2 Chinese/Okinawan-style Hand Forms
• Montana Azule Escrima Form
• Understanding, breakdown and application of all Forms
• Understanding of basic Criminal Psychology

And that is just Green Belt (halfway to Black).

By Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) every functional and combative technique found in Inukan Ju Jutsu, Wing Chun & Twelve Tigers Kung Fu, Ryu-Kyu Karate-Jutsu, Aikido, Hapkido, Krav Maga, Philippine Stick & Machete Fighting, Bo-Jutsu, Iai-Jutsu, and Greek Pankration can be found in your repertoire. And there is much more to learn all the way through Rokudan (6th Degree Black Belt)

Forms are composed from Kung Fu, Ryu-Kyu (Okinawan) Karate-Jutsu, and Philippine Arts.

Tuo-Te Sparring

You will Fight the way you Train

Point-Sparring, Chokes & Tap-Outs are not options if you wish to survive a street fight.

Tuo-Te Sparring includes groin strikes, joint-locks and throws, getting back up when taken down and sometimes taking on more than one opponent – just like on the street. There is also a padded, safety wall to learn how to absorb getting thrown into a wall and how to use a wall to your advantage.

Knives are an unfortunate, but very real presence in our modern world. We believe it is important to know how to fight against, and if necessary, use a knife.

Stick Fighting

An important part of Injukan Ju Jutsu training is Montana Azule Escrima and pugil stick/quarterstaff use. We not only learn offensive, defensive, and disarming techniques, we spar with these weapons.

The Montana Azule Escrima system was developed from multiple Philippine styles and Japanese Tanbo-Jutsu and translates easily to knife and machete combat.


Family Self Defense Center of Hickory, NC offers your choice of Martial Arts Training in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Combat Kempo, Kung Fu, Injukan Ju Jutsu, Tanbo Jutsu, Stick and Staff Fighting, Chinese Kick-Boxing, Ryu-Kyu Karate, Kizoku-Ryu Tai Jutsu, use of Knife and Sword, Women’s Kick-Boxing and Self Defense, Jiu Ling Kung Fu and T'ai Chi Gong, and more for one affordable price. Classes are in Brookford and within easy access of Granite Falls, Hudson, Lenoir, Morganton, Valdese, Vale, Gastonia, Maiden, Newton, Conover, Catawba, Statesville, and Taylorsville. Also available: Certified Personal Strength, Health & Fitness Training.


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