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Injukan Ju Jutsu

The foundation upon which Combat Kempo was built

Sometimes Ju Jutsu is spelled Jujutsu, Ju Jitsu, and Jiu Jitsu. However you want to spell it, Injukan Ju Jutsu is a no-frills approach to hand-to-hand combat which has been closely compared to a blend of Krav Maga and Aikido. Leverage over strength, joint manipulation, simultaneous blocks and strikes, bone rattling throws are the staples of this Special Forces Grade martial art.

There are 255 General Techniques to learn, applied to 120 different assaults ranging from simple grabs to knife-wielding thugs to hostage situations.

50 fundamental locks and restraining holds work very well in modern law enforcement, or can be used with great efficiency as potentially bone breaking submission techniques in MMA contests.

Greco-Roman Wrestling has been mixed in to enhance groundwork

To enhance the quality of our ground fighting, fundamentals of Greco-Roman Wrestling has been mixed in. Likewise, some of the more powerful throws of Kodokan Judo have been added to the system … there is nothing like a well-executed Fireman’s Carry to an attacker on the concrete or a store parking lot. Likewise, fast-moving Wrist Cranks are Bread & Butter for our system.

We do NOT advocate highly ineffective tournament karate venues and the trophy mentality, but for those who wish One-on-One competition in MMA, but the Locks & Holds of Injukan Ju Jutsu transfer very well into Submission Techniques!

Corrcet use of techniques

We pay special attention to disproving myths which abound … such as the so-called Blocking Techniques.


Family Self Defense Center of Hickory, NC offers your choice of Martial Arts Training in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Combat Kempo, Kung Fu, Injukan Ju Jutsu, Tanbo Jutsu, Stick and Staff Fighting, Chinese Kick-Boxing, Ryu-Kyu Karate, Kizoku-Ryu Tai Jutsu, use of Knife and Sword, Women’s Kick-Boxing and Self Defense, Jiu Ling Kung Fu and T'ai Chi Gong, and more for one affordable price. Classes are in Brookford and within easy access of Granite Falls, Hudson, Lenoir, Morganton, Valdese, Vale, Gastonia, Maiden, Newton, Conover, Catawba, Statesville, and Taylorsville. Also available: Certified Personal Strength, Health & Fitness Training.


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