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Member of American Nine Lotus Association

A bully won't stop for a referee's whistle ... Thugs with a knife won't stand still for a flashy karate routine ... and gang-bangers won't attack you one at a time!

Our focus is on proven, practical applications against bullies, knives, guns,
2 - 3 - 4 and more attackers, kidnap and home invasion.

Benefits of training at FSDC include:

• Development of Self Confidence and Discipline
• Lifetime Locked-in Rates without Contracts
• Well developed curriculum reaching far beyond Black Belt
• Learn and advance at your own pace
• Parents and children are encouraged to train together
• A wide range of programs to suit your needs
• Athletic ability not required
• Learn leverage over strength
• A Head Instructor with actual combat experience
• Physical challenges are no problem (muggers won't leave you alone because you have a cane)

We are located in Southwest Hickory within easy access of Granite Falls, Lenoir, Lincolnton, Newton, Conover, Maiden, Morganton and Catawba areas.

Stop by anytime to visit or try a free trial class.

Keep up with news, updates, events and workshop schedules at

Please Note:

FSDC does NOT employ, endorse, associate with or promote instructors with history, conviction or reputation of illegal substance distribution, assault, misconduct with minors or violence of ANY kind.









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Member of the American Nine Lotus Association.