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Books by J P Nelson

Books by J P Nelson

Available at Amazon.com in both Kindle and Paperback

Martial Arts Instruction

by J P Nelson

With 420 full sized, easy to follow, movement by movement illustrations painstakingly cropped and sized for viewing simplicity, this handbook breaks down 40 of the most common assaults you may encounter in the Real World.

There are no flashy, unrealistic Tournament Karate Routines here!

Consider this … You are walking from the store with goods in one hand, fumbling for your car keys in the other, thinking about your day at work, you just want to go home. Your concealed weapon is well concealed and your pepper spray is in your pocket. Out of the shadows from four feet away you are attacked … what do you do?

Don’t kid yourself! Modern karate and MMA are sports. Point Fighting and One-Step Sparring is worthless in the real world and submissions belong in the safety of the ring. Remember, bad guys do NOT fight one-on-one.

The Counter, Catch, Carry series illustrates tried and proven techniques and combinations in detailed, step-by-little-step, with well explained and easy-to-follow full page photographs. Martial art skills are not required and all movements are joint friendly and based on T’ai Chi Self Defense. Old, young, gals, guys, business professionals and factory workers … everyone can benefit from this series.

Written by a combat martial artist with actual experience, Counter, Catch, Carry is the most practical and efficient self-defense handbook ever produced.

Click here to view or buy “Counter, Catch, Carry” at Amazon.com

New Release

The Handbook of Jiu Ling Gong
by J P Nelson

With more than 650 full sized, easy to follow, movement by movement illustrations painstakingly cropped and sized for viewing simplicity, this handbook is the most definitive and complete guide to learning T’ai Chi published to date.

You will find no infuriating arrows to simulate motion, or large gaps from one picture to the next leaving you to wonder, “How did they get from here to there?”

All illustrations are presented in panoramic format so you can see every detail of movement. Every picture is accompanied with a simple description of what you are seeing. Traditional names for sequences and steps are included with modern analogies, so you get the Traditional Chinese flavor as well as practical understanding.

Included is a complete index of techniques and movements for your convenience.

Whether you are a beginner looking for detailed visual guide to learning T’ai Chi, or an advanced practitioner interested in the self-defense applications referenced throughout the illustrations, this handbook has something for you. .

Click here to view or buy “T'ai Chi: The Handbook of Jiu Ling Gong” at Amazon.com


Science ~ Fantasy Fiction

by J P Nelson

Book #1 of the Kohrinju Tai Saga

Half-Breed! It’s bad enough being born into slavery, but young Komain was of mixed race, and being a mixed slave in the land of Gevard, known throughout the vast continent of Aeshea for extreme racial prejudice, was not a good thing. He had no idea who his father was, only that he was a filthy human. His momma, however, was Kelshinua, among the last Elvin Tell-Singers. She was born and raised in the far northern mountains, descended of tribal leaders and druids, and granddaughter of legendary War-Chief, Kn’Yang.

Komain was raised on song and tales of Dragons who once ruled the world, elves who came from the stars, humans who wanted to call this the 3rd World, civilizations of the D’Warvec, Leprechaun and Gh’Nshyko races, and how the natural ways are being left behind. His momma knew all kinds of secrets, forgotten lore, even the Ciquoa’Stän, those great stone circles built by the ancient Dorhune and used to travel to such worlds as Seun, N’Shai, Earth and Thetarr.

But to Komain these were just stories, because those great elvin warriors let his momma get captured and brought thousands of miles to the south, there to spend the next hundred years in defilement to House Fel’Caden. Torn from his momma’s side while still a child, sold and taken far away, Komain cultivated his hatred of humans and elves alike … until the opportunity for freedom presented itself. But what to do? Revenge was a fantasy he could dwell on, except with freedom came accountability. Should he take the chance, or just endure the next few years? After all, the end of the world was near, or was it?

A Stellar Phenomenon is about to occur, when all planets of the K’Hashni Gahr solar system and a multiple arrangement of stars will be in perfect alignment. Is this going to open a dimensional passageway, as the priests of Xenias have been preaching, for Eayah to descend and exalt his chosen into godhood?

The last Elvin Citadel maintains a prophecy depicting the destruction of the world, but nobody’s listening to them. On the other hand, the warrior-wizard, Marduk, is just one of many who plan divine ascension and world conquest, while in the dark jungle of Kalki-Shurma, the ancient god of death, Xiahstoi, is said to have raised an army of demons and has claimed the power of Anu-Rah.

This much is for sure; the oceans are becoming angry, weather patterns becoming erratic, sleeping volcanoes are waking up, and a large portion of one continent has fallen into the sea. In a world sliding into fear and chaos, where magic is a dying art practiced by only a few and the Law of the Sword prevails, is it possible hope may be found in archaic clues from the past?

Can a half-breed elf rise above his own bitterness to learn the ways of his forgotten ancestors, embrace the power of So’Yeth and So’Yahr, and become a champion among the cultures he has learned to hate? More importantly, can one person actually make a difference?

Call of the Wolf is the first novel of the Kohrinju Tai Saga, a new Science/Fantasy series by JP Nelson. Weaving a story driven by character development, captivating visuals, fast moving action, thought provoking mystery, and intricate paradox against a background of richly detailed history and culture, Nelson has created an innovative new look at elves, leprechauns, dragons, magic and more … .

Click here to view or buy “Call of the Wolf” at Amazon.com

by J P Nelson

Book #2 of the Kohrinju Tai Saga

In 5093 ED Captain Greybeard set sail from Avalon in search of fabled Dorian’s Purse, said to hold secrets of immortality and divine ascension. His vessel was built from an ancient elvin design, superior to any known ship at sea, and christened the Kelshinua. Greybeard also had maps not seen by any sailor of the time. The word is he even breeched the dreaded V’Pohra Tanzhi.

But before the quest could be completed, the ship went down in the turbulent waters of Torsham’s Vault. As the vessel sank, Greybeard thrust the treasured maps into Liam’s hands and threw him overboard. Liam, son of Greybeard’s only known child, spent twenty years seeking the purse, but failed. With no child of his own, he passed the maps to his sister’s adopted son, Jann Raul Jha’Ley.

But who is Jann Raul, really? Does he have what it takes to pursue and solve a riddle thousands of years old? What of his growing obsession to sail around the world, a venture long believed to be impossible? And what is the connection with the half-elf who calls himself Timber Wolf?

Winds of Torsham is not a sequel, but a Companion Novel to Call of the Wolf. Written in the same 1st person style by Timber Wolf, Winds of Torsham gives the reader critical insights of events, places, creatures and characters necessary to understand as the exploits of Timber Wolf & Company unfold. As well as new characters, we learn more of old ones: see Lath in her most glorious fight; meet U’Lahna, who does not know she has a brother; see Timber Wolf in his years as Coliseum Champion and what of his relationship with Edgarfield; learn more of Lushandri; meet the last survivor of The Kelshinua, or is he; follow Jann Raul Jha’Ley, the most acclaimed captain upon the sea, and the crew of the VNS Clarise; and what of the Great Alignment?

J P Nelson again delivers with excellent character interaction and development, new species and fresh take on old ones, rich visual detail and an old world feel, fast swashbuckling action, ancient ruins, all centered around an intricate and well thought out continuing story arc.

Winds of Torsham is a must-have for those following the Kohrinju Tai Saga.

Click here to view or buy “Winds of Torsham” at Amazon.com


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