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Beginning Acoustic Guitar

In the old days, martial arts were always connected to practitioners of theater, calligraphy, and/or music. Even today, many martial artists find performing movements to the accompaniment of musical rhythm to greatly enhance timing and sequence.

If you can tap your foot or snap your fingers to the rhythm of a song on the radio, I can teach you to play the guitar.

Whether you want to play Rock-n-Roll, Country, Folk, Blues, Jazz, Gospel, Contemporary, Pop, Heavy Metal, even Asian or Middle-eastern styles of Meditation Music ... the basics of guitar are all the same.

I teach the same way I learned in the Appalachian Hills of northeast Tennessee in the 1970's. My Aunt Lena said, "Son ... you don't need to read notes to make music; learn three or four chords, learn to slap rhythm, and you can play anything you want."

You will learn how to keep time and rhythm, chords that go together and how to play in key, basic scales, the notes of a scale and their relationship with each other, and how to use a capo.

Depending on your interest, wants and needs ... we will get into the 7 Modes of Modern Music, playing solos on your guitar, making your own Chord Spread Sheets with up to 44 Chords per Key, use of bar chords, writing your own songs, and more.

It does not matter whether you want to perform on stage ... or play for your own pleasure ...

Or perhaps you just want to spend some quality time with your child or grandchild ... I can get you off to a good start.

All Classes by Appointment

One Time Enrollment

One 30 minute class per week
$78.00 per month

Two 30 minute classes or one 55 minute class per week
$130.00 per month

Semi-Private Classes (2 or more friends or family members)

One 30 minute class per week
$130.00 per month (for 2 people)

Two 30 minute classes or one 55 minute class per week
$234.00 per month (for 2 people)

In Memory of

Darren Luther Arney

8.29.1977 - 2.10.1993


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